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jueves, 22 de diciembre de 2016

Second Announcement: 2018 World Monuments Watch

Nominate a site to the 2018 World Monuments Watch!

Every two years, the World Monuments Watch calls international attention to unique places around the world that are at risk from the forces of nature or from the impact of social, political, and economic change. With your knowledge and expertise you can help us identify more heritage places facing pressing challenges or new opportunities for positive change. Nominations for the 2018 World Monuments Watch are now being accepted until March 1, 2017 at:

Program Benefits:

Advocacy and Outreach: Every two years, the announcement of the World Monuments Watch reaches a vast audience around the globe. The program raises international awareness through news outlets, social media, and by coordinating with nominators to support your local advocacy efforts. Through these means, the World Monuments Watch seeks to help accomplish policy changes, encourage stakeholder cooperation, and foster a balance between development and preservation.

Community Engagement: World Monuments Fund aims to reconnect people and places and encourage local stewardship through Watch Day, an opportunity for communities to celebrate the importance of Watch sites and build support for heritage conservation. In the 2018 World Monuments Watch cycle, WMF will make available $2,500 to each site in support of your Watch Day activities.

Project Collaboration and Support: World Monuments Fund has allocated more than $100 million to projects at World Monuments Watch sites since 1996, and more than $245 million has been allocated by third parties. The attention drawn to the selected sites provides a vital tool that you can use to leverage project support from a variety of sources, including national, regional, and municipal governments, foundations, corporations, other international organizations, and private donors.

How to submit a nomination? Please access the nomination form by reviewing our full nomination guidelines at: http://go.wmf.org/e/109312/nominate-/3t3n1f/56085676 

Deadline: March 1, 2017

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