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sábado, 2 de diciembre de 2017

Grants to UMAC-AAMG 18th Annual Conference, Miami

UMAC has its annual conferences anywhere in the world, and although we make an effort to keep the costs low, we know our conferences can be expensive.

In 2016, UMAC created a Travel Grant Programme aimed at increasing participation in UMAC annual conferences. Typically, UMAC grants are small (c. 400 EUR) and aim at complementing travel and accommodation costs.

ICOM also has a long-standing travel grant programme for participation of young ICOM members (35 years or younger) in International Committees Annual Conferences. The amount of the ICOM grant to UMAC 2018 in Miami is 1,200 EUR, also for travel and accommodation costs.

Therefore, there are two funding channels to complement your participation in UMAC 2018, Miami. Please see eligibility, criteria, and submission forms below.

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