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martes, 4 de octubre de 2016

UMAC Conference 2017: Call for Proposals

University museums and collections are filled with historical treasures, glorious works of art, scientific phenomena, and the wonders of nature that cover the whole scope of the human experience through time. They provide opportunities that ignite the imagination, inspire the soul, and probe the very heart of our shared human consciousness. They are places of investigation, inquiry, and intellectual challenge in an increasingly global society. For university museums and collections to retain their relevance, they must be responsive to the dynamics of contemporary society.

  How can we increase public awareness of multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-ethnic values? 
  How can we engage faculty and students with our collections when the educational system has been transformed by technology? 
  How can we respectfully display human remains within a contextual exhibition? 
  How can we protect and preserve our collections when under economic threat? 

The 17th annual UMAC conference will examine the innumerable ethical and ideological issues, challenges and opportunities confronting university museum and collections, and their unique role as agents of social change.

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